Stanozolol Suspension 50MG/ML


Aquatest (suspension) is an injectable anabolic steroid containing active testosterone suspension, which is pure testosterone and has no esters or other compounds. Aquatest represents a pure 100 mg steroid. It was discovered in the 1930s and since then it has been the simplest and most concentrated testosterone ever produced. It is the simplest and most concentrated testosterone ever produced, representing the extreme dosage and providing optimal results.

Aquatest 100mg from Balkan Pharmaceuticals penetrates and cleanses the body very fast, producing strong anabolic and androgenic effects. Aquatest 100mg becomes effective immediately after administration. Although Aquatest is quite painful during injection, it is often used by bodybuilders and athletes because it represents the extreme dose and gives the best results. Aquatest for injections is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Aquatest 100 mg / ml is supplied in boxes containing 5 x 1 ml vials (100 mg / ml).